Stuff we like

Just thought we would add a few updates to things we like and have caught our eye recently.

180 The Strand

m: 180 always has something good on

d: and we really like the walking man

Kev’s Electronica Pod Cast

d: ah so we have been on kev’s show

m: top man, turn it up and rip your etc. 

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms

d: looking forward to this at the tate modern.

d: not sure what is going on with their ticketing but we finally managed to crack the code!

m: images to come in the future…..

Electronica at The Design Museum UK
d: we really liked this exhibition at the design museum m: if you missed it, the book that went with it is very cool and stands alone telling a great history

Electronic Sound

m: been a subscriber for years the fact that it only comes out in print with no digital copy speaks to our electronic organic mantra

d: and that it just cant quite fit through the door and annoys the postman is an added plus!

Sound On Sound

m: the most helpful and friendly music forum in the world, we owe it all to them for sorting out endless problems!

d: do you ever get off that thing!

m: never…

Abba Sweden

d: we did enjoy sweden

m: yeah the abba museum was great

d: looks like bjorn is giving you a snog!